Where to Sell Domains

The Internet is changing. How companies select
and leverage domain names will evolve drastically
as the adoption of new gTLDs (generic top-level domains)
increases. And despite the initial confusion
these new Web addresses are likely to cause, 62
percent of those surveyed for a Sedo report believe
the adoption will ultimately be successful.
For those interested in buying and selling domain
names for profit, these new gTLDs could
be an untapped revenue generator. First, let’s
explore some of the reasons why these new Web
addresses can shake up the industry.
“We’re going to see the market flooded with
hundreds of new domain extensions in the coming
months and years, and our data shows that
investors and corporations are evidently warming
up to the idea of using different extensions,”
said Tobias Flaitz, Sedo’s CEO in a company
statement. “It will take time and effort before
we see mass adoption of new TLDs, and Sedo is
contributing its part to raise awareness through
global marketing, sales efforts and partnerships
with applicants. The fact that more extensions
than ever are being traded and successfully used
for business is a promising development.”
In the past, companies have been restricted
to 22 TLDs, including .com, .org and others.
Now, hundreds of extensions will be released,
so brands can choose from .map, .book, .deals,
.vegas, .report, .ads, etc. Almost a dozen gTLDs
could be released each week. Most expect that
.com will still be favored by most businesses, but
the new gTLDs can help them secure more memorable
website addresses.
A lot of the success of these new extensions,
especially for selling them, will come down to
awareness and, of course, demand. There is a bigger
supply of extensions, so it will definitely dilute
the market. The popular consensus, however, is
that there will be “buzz” extensions that are highly
in demand, and thus, profitable while most of the
inventory might be useful to buy but not to sell.
That’s why it’s fun to be a domainer, right?
You have to play the digital lotto to win, so
where are the best places on the Interwebs to
sell domains today?
godaddy-logoGoDaddy Auctions is a massive
marketplace for buyers and sellers
of domain names, allowing
anyone to list their domains for
a flat $4.99 annual fee. Domain registrants can
auction their domain names and potential buyers
can bid on them, make offers or buy them on the
spot, depending on the listing type. Sellers can
also use various features to increase the exposure
of their auction listings, and receive free instant
appraisals of their domain names. The auction
platform is backed by GoDaddy systems and support,
which includes 24/7 customer assistance
sedo-logoDomain name and website marketplace,
Sedo is a domain name
and website marketplace and
domain-parking provider responsible
for more than 40,000 sales each year.
Sedo’s international auction capabilities and
domain trading platform, along with its global
network of domain brokers, makes its well positioned
to support the introduction of the new
gTLDs. Sedo also offers domain appraisals and
secure purchase, transfer and escrow.
flippa-logoProfessionals can sell online
property at Flippa in two ways:
at public auction or in private
sales. Flippa considers itself
to be like a matchmaking site
for online property buyers and sellers: they put
the two together, and help them work out if one
wants what the other party has to offer. Their involvement
ends when the auction or sale is completed.
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Ecommerce conversion failures

conversion-fail2Many Internet retailers are failing to convert
enough visitors into customers. However,
much of the time, the reasons are
foreseeable. How does your site stack up
against this list of common problems?

Slow Page Load Speed
Internet visitors want it yesterday! Any delay
becomes seen as intolerable. Google is on a
mission to speed up the Internet, because
they have seen that even small increases in
page load speed can affect conversion. Your
page load speed not only influences your
search rankings, but also has a direct impact
on the conversion rate of visitors who land
on your site.
Often, just tweaking some of your Web server
settings can result in dramatic gains. Taking
the time to set up a content delivery network
(CDN) properly, purchasing the proper amount
of hosting power and bandwidth, and optimizing
assets like images and videos can also pay
dividends. Pay attention to your coding and
programming. Reducing the number of database
calls to the minimum required in server-side
code like PHP, Python or Ruby, or optimizing
client-side code like HTML, CSS and JavaScript
can all make major improvements in your page
load speed (or at least the time it takes for the
page to start rendering).
Lack of Visual Continuity between Mobile and Desktop
Mobile sites are fundamentally different from
desktop websites. You have less space to do the
important stuff. It’s necessary to reduce, but not
to change the experience. The content on your
mobile site should be highlights and essentials
from your desktop site. It should be information
chopped down to the specifics that visitors
might be looking for: a price, a phone number
or click to call, a few features and benefits and a
purchase button. It should be limited information
but not different information.
But even though mobile is increasingly a popular
choice for key activities, it would be a mistake
to think that mobile is always used alone. In fact,
in the “always-on” world that we live in, people
often bounce between devices and regularly use
more than one device simultaneously. So there
must be continuity among their experiences.
The style, colors, headlines and branding elements
should all stay the same. Logical aspects
like product categories and content hierarchy
should remain consistent so that your mobile site
is intuitive to people who have already shopped your desktop site.
Make your mobile site an extension
of your desktop site and your customers
will thank you with their hard-earned money.


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Internet Hosting Services

Internet Hosting Services

When you use your business dollars wisely, you end up choosing Internet hosting services that meet not only your business needs, but your personal needs as well. The services that you are paying, for most are the services that you do not have to giving a second thought to during the course of doing business with these Internet hosting services month by month.

If you have to worry about the amount of downtime that the web hosting services has experienced during any given month, then you are not getting the best deal for the money you spent choosing Internet hosting services that you thought you could rely on. These web hosting services companies should have provisions in place to ensure that your customers never have to realize the amount of downtime that their servers had at any time of the day or night.

The provisions each web hosting services company will have in place at all times, when you are conducting online business transactions with them, should be taken into consideration when you go about choosing Internet hosting services companies. If web hosting services company has back up enerators then one of their provisions in place would mean, that their servers will never have downtime when storms come and cause power outages in the web hosting services companies buildings.

The amount of downtime, that an Internet hosting services company experiences, can be translated into lost revenues for you and should be considered “No Sale” time for you and your customers. The customers that rely on you for their shopping needs also suffer because of the error you made when choosing Internet hosting services from a company you could not count on.

When your site is not available for access, then a domino effect begins to occur. Not only have you lost access to the files and business information that is stored online on the web hosting services companies databases, but the lost online presence that your business has on the Internet, might make your customers think they made a bad decision in choosing Internet hosting services that included doing business with you.

To protect your business interests, when choosing Internet hosting services, take into consideration the web hosting services provisions for policies that promise zero downtime, and the web hosting services that can provide you with the web mastering tools to project a great image through the type of websites that they offer.

If your website is poorly planned and projects a low priced image, then it will be hard to get people to shop at your virtual storefront. Without the web mastering tools, you will have no way of marketing your company. When choosing Internet hosting services, check to see if they might offer any type of business marketing services.

If your web hosting services feature the latest technologies, then the quality of your website presentation preview will be absolutely stunning when your prospective customers access your storefront. Their positive comments and continued business will be a direct reflection on the amount of work that went into choosing Internet hosting services that will meet everyone’s needs. If customers see that they are doing business with a company in touch with the needs of the modern day business and consumer, then they will pass a recommendation on to all of their friends through word of mouth advertising techniques.

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